If your loved one is suffering from a traumatic brain injury, you already know how hard it can be for them…and for you.

There are so many unanswered questions!  

“When will things get better?”

“How much recovery is reasonable to expect?”

“What can we do to make sure we give it our best effort?”

Here at Synapse House, a non-profit organization, our mission is to ENGAGE, EMPOWER and EMPLOY individuals affected by brain injury and stroke.  We are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Our program is carefully designed to provide every opportunity and consistent encouragement for the fullest recovery possible…in the shortest amount of time.


We ENGAGE individuals through productive and healing work during participation in our Clubhouse Day Program.  Our “Flour to Empower” Bakery Training Program provides work readiness skills and real life training. For those with an open file with the Department of Rehabilitation Services, our Employment Program can work directly with your case manager for return to work goals. Please inquire.

We EMPOWER individuals and families through innovative, effect programs that create community, provide practical solutions and build relationships.  

We address vocational goals so that companies can EMPLOY our members, giving them access, independence and pride.  

We believe in these Five Principles:

  • Connections aid recovery
  • Adaptation is necessary to maximize function
  • Work is healing
  • Abilities persist
  • Hope is always present

Our Day Program: The Clubhouse

Join the Club!  Synapse House holds a firm belief that work is healing, with members spending their time here re-learning and doing things that lead to productivity, increased confidence and greater self-reliance while working on real tasks needed for the organization to successfully run. Clubhouse members are welcome to attend Monday through Friday, with the majority of members electing to attend 2-3x a week. Synapse House transportation may be available in your area, please inquire.  

The Clubhouse Day Program is broken into the following units:

  • Business Unit: The Business Unit focuses on clerical skills such as writing letters, addressing envelopes and completing newsletters.
  • Culinary Unit: The Culinary Unit focuses on life skills including budgeting, menu planning, meal preparation and clean up.
  • Employment Unit: The Employment Unit focuses on those members interested in returning to employment through work readiness training and assistance with job placement.
  • Wellness Unit: The Wellness Unit is used in Clubhouses all over the world to increase awareness, promote healthy options, and provide opportunities to go out in the community as a group.


Flour to Empower

Every member also has the option to work in our unique state-of-the-art baking program “Flour to Empower”.  This provides the opportunity to:

  • Practice math and memory skills
  • Work with others in harmony
  • Improve the ability for social interaction
  • Use language to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings
  • Create a product that contributes to the greater good (click here for details)
  • Re-learn basic business skills, such as packaging and shipping our delicious products
  • Develop a sense of teamwork and gain a tangible sense of accomplishment

Recover & Relearn

Every member recovers at their own pace.  The Synapse House Day Program provides a safe, friendly environment where every individual is treated with respect and gently nudged to expand their horizons – and their abilities – on a regular, consistent basis.  

Every time a member visits the facility and participates at any level, you can rest assured that your loved one is getting optimal care and excellent opportunities for their maximum benefit.