Volunteer Corner: Interview of Linda G. by Tom W.

Linda G. is one of the Clubhouse volunteers. She is 60 years old and has been married for 31 years. She has three sons and one daughter in law. She went to the University of Denver majoring in Speech Pathology. She worked at many different hospitals during the years where she practiced speech pathology. Her goal is to have a happy and fulfilling life during her retirement years. Her family keeps her happy and active. They are a real joy to her and keep her thinking as the world turns. Her favorite movie is The Sound of Music and always cheers her up whenever she watches it. Her favorite foods are varied but range from Seafood and Italian. She enjoys spending her vacation at a small lake in Michigan. While there, she relaxes and lets the troubles of the world fall off her shoulders and renews her feelings of the world. Her favorite wish that she has is to be sometimes invisible. That way life would progress at its normal pace and not be bothered by anything that she did. Her hobbies consist of gardening, music, exercise and travel. We at the Clubhouse, consider ourselves lucky to have Linda part of our Clubhouse family.

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