Veteran’s Day: Honoring Heroes

PHOTO: Brain S. , Synapse House member and US Navy Seal Veteran Patriating in the Flour To Empower Bakery.

We all know a veteran, whether they served in Korea, Vietnam or Afghanistan. They are fathers, grandfathers, brothers, friends and most importantly patriots. And, woman also served with distinction such as nurses and in other non-combat roles.

We owe these heroes a great debt of gratitude for their sacrifice. They defended our liberty and freedom, and it’s because of their sacrifice that we enjoy the freedom and economic vitality of the greatest nation on Earth.

I thank you as a U.S. citizen on my personal behalf and that of my family and friends. Without your unwavering devotion to our country, bravery
and personal sacrifice, we would not enjoy the freedom and economic prosperity we do today.

It’s because of the sacrifice and courage of our American veterans that we have prospered as a nation, and it’s one of the most important factors that has made America great.

Written by Synapse House member, Chris Z.


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