Tougher Than A Stroke: The Story of Scott K.

I had a stroke when I was 13 years old. I was paralyzed on my right side and lost a lot of ability to speak but I made a complete recovery from that.

When I was 43 years old I was old, I was driving home from work & had a headache. When I got home my wife knew something was wrong. She called 911 & it turned out I had an aneurysm. They treated me with heparin & I had an allergic reaction which caused my kidneys to shut down & seizures.
After 4 months in various hospitals, I was so happy to be able to return home.
I live with my wife and three children. Before my stroke, I worked servicing garage doors & was the main breadwinner. I also was very active in my church & helped to take care of the church property. Currently, I’m trying to get used to having others help take care of me. It’s a daily struggle as I need help to shower, use the bathroom, & I use a wheelchair or walker. I’m not working or driving. In the past year I now am able to dress myself, make my own breakfast & help more with household duties.
I’ve been coming to the Synapse House since November of 2018. What I get out of it the most is the camaraderie with other people in my position. My computer & typing skills have gotten better since starting. My goal is to work more in the kitchen. I hope to be able to use my time & talents to give back to Synapse House.


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