Synapse House Special Services

We offer additional services to fulfill individual and family needs.

Art & Creativity
Join us for one of our special groups as we use a variety of art mediums to improve skills in the areas of fine motor, visual perception and creativity. The groups are 60-90 minutes in the length and held on Thursdays at 1 p.m. All those who are recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury are invited to attend. The fee to participant is $10-$20 for non-members depending on the project and registration is required. This group is open for members at not extra cost.
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Life Skills

Our Life Skills Program addresses specific needs in your home and community to be able to manage the day to day responsibilities and enhance independence.  Goals may be related to household tasks such as meal preparation or money management. Life Skills services are $125 per evaluation, $35 per hour at our facility or $75 per hour in the home. This service is open to non-members and members.

Language & Aphasia

For many individuals with stroke, language problems are prevalent and require long term intervention. Activities  will  focus  on  improving  expression,  comprehension,  reading  and  writing.  Individualized intensive sessions are available for $35 for a 45-minute scheduled session.  This service is open to non-members and members.

Benefits Education & Assistance

Navigating  the  complex  paperwork  and  constantly  changing  landscape  of  benefits,  entitlement  and resources can be overwhelming.  Synapse House  can assist by providing an analysis of needs and financials to determine what you may qualify for as well as your earning potential.  Services are $30 per hour with a minimum of one-hour  charge. This service is open to non-members and members.

Drop In–Pre-registration not required

Drop in services will be available from 8:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.   $20 per hour with a minimum charge of one hour.  Eligible participants must be able to do their own medications, require minimal assist with personal care, are not at risk for wandering, and require no more than one-person transfer.  Required paperwork must be completed prior to drop off.