At Synapse House, hope is always present.


In a split second, a stroke or brain injury can change one's life forever. Unfortunately, there is no complete cure. Rehabilitation is a lifelong process, but there is hope. At Synapse House, we can guide you through this process with productive activities, positive interventions, lifelong support and education.

We believe the path to a successful recovery is based on these key concepts:

  • Individuals recovering from brain  injuries can continue to make gains and should maximize every potential for recovery.
  • Individuals must maximize their functioning through adaptation and compensation whether this is for a permanent impairment or one that is improving.

Our vision:

Every individual with a brain injury or stroke will be able to identify and maximize his or her strengths and abilities in order to make meaningful connections within their family and community.

Synapse House serves:

Adults with acquired brain injury. Acquired brain injury can include traumatic injuries such as car accidents or falls, stroke, brain tumors, epilepsy, infections of the brain, aneurysms, anoxic brain injuries such as those resulting from cardiac arrest or near drowning, and progressive diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis or early onset dementia.

Our beliefs are centered on these five principles:

  • Connections aid recovery
  • Adaptation is necessary to maximize function
  • Work is healing
  • Abilities persist
  • Hope is always present