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Kent joined us at the end of November and we are so excited he has joined the Synapse family! I personally have known Kent for a bit of time as we were both at Shirley Ryan rehabilitation together. Kent has made huge strides and continues to do so. I personally have seen the hard work and motivation he has. Here is a little about him: He is a big sports fan Especially Blackhawks and Bears. (you can tell by what he wears) He has two boys Zachary who is 4 and Kent Russell who is 7.  Kent started a new job on Nov 16th, 2017 after having his own CPA firm, Kent suffered a HUGE hemorrhagic stoke. A 30 day coma was induced, his wife Maria was told to say goodbye. He fought back and keeps fighting! After time at Hinsdale Hospital he went to Marianjoy for about 2 months as an inpatient and started therapy.

He is now home with his boys and wife, he goes to Day Rehab at Shirley Ryan a few days a weeks and joins us on Tuesdays. He has had some huge accomplishments… There are way more than these and he will continue to add them on.

From wheelchair to cane – woohoo!

Now working on completely unassisted walking-his walking is smoother I look forward to seeing Kent’s progress!

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