Member Activities

The Clubhouse model used at Synapse House provides hope, encouragement and practical benefits not only to the members but to their families.  We frequently provide get-togethers and social opportunities for members and the people who love them to talk, enjoy a meal or an activity or just connect.

We are open 8 AM – 4 PM. During that time, members participate in a variety of activities meant to increase their sense of confidence and decrease the sense of isolation and differentness that is a typical outcome of a brain injury diagnosis.  

In a safe, clean, supervised environment, members have the opportunity to engage in any of these types of activities:

  • Basic clerical tasks like filing, stuffing envelopes or even working on one of our banks of computers
  • Writing letters, blogs (see the home page of this website!), and updates
  • Packaging baked goods for shipment, which requires attention to things like calculating postage and fine motor skills and organization
  • Participating in our Flour to Empower program
  • Working on life skills in the Culinary Unit such as budgeting, grocery shopping, menu planning, cooking, and clean up
  • Many more activities are available

We strive to create a normal, friendly semi-professional environment for our members. We know this helps to facilitate the recovery of each person to the fullest extent of his or her abilities, interests and injury.  Further, we know that being treated as an adult restores the dignity which is often lost following the injury.

Most members are eager to drop in for the day* several days a week. It breaks up the monotony of being at home endlessly, especially for those who led productive, active lives before everything changed in an instant.

Several caregivers have commented over the years that not only does the brain injury survivor enjoy the experience, they also find the respite relaxing.

Members and staff take lunches together, which helps enhance the social environment offered by the Clubhouse.  We provide ample opportunities to build new friendships and see hope where the future may have seemed dim before.

*Synapse House programs are most frequently covered under Worker’s Compensation or private pay.  Call us and we’ll help you determine if another option is available.

“I woke up in the hospital covered with tubes, my parents standing around my bed crying. That’s when I remembered the biking accident. Today, just a few years later, I am married, I have a great career in full swing, and I have created some terrific friendships. I am passionate about Synapse House.” — Paul J.