What happens at Synapse House?


Synapse House is a Clubhouse. Here, you are not a patient or a client. You are a Member.

It's about your goals and individual needs. The Clubhouse Model is amazing because the Clubhouse needs you as much as you need it. Members come to the Clubhouse to work on the actual day to day operations of the organization. Real work is healing, not sitting on a couch or completing worksheets. Clubhouse work is divided into several Work Units; all designed to help our Members be better at home, in their community and for some, in a job.

Business Unit

Work in this Unit includes typing documents, answering telephones, copying and engaging in Internet research. Work in the Business Unit utilizes computer skills and programs such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and email.

Culinary Unit

Work in this Unit includes planning the daily lunch menu, grocery shopping, preparing healthy meals, following recipes and learning food service sanitation principles. 

Employment Unit

This Unit focuses on essential work readiness and interpersonal social skills. Our Employment Coordinator assists Members in preparing for, acquiring and retaining employment and volunteer opportunities. 

In addition, our Flour to Empower Bakery collaborates to offer culinary internships and supported employment. 

Independent Work Binders

Each Member is provided with an individualized work binder that focuses on remaining deficits and barriers in which improvement is desired.

At Synapse House we Engage, Empower Employ individuals affected by brain injury and stroke.