Sweet Success Program Donation

Do you want to make a real difference with your life? Do you want to help others in a way that really matters? Sweet!

By becoming a regular donor to Synapse House’s “Sweet Success” program, you directly help people who are suffering from traumatic brain injuries.  You help them get access to activities, new friends and new experiences – and most of all, to slowly rebuild their confidence in their worth as human beings.

Our innovative program is set up like a club. Our members work on projects that match their interests and capabilities, from XXX to writing our monthly newsletter…to baking.

(That’s where you come in!)

To thank you for your valuable and much-needed donation of just $38 per month, our members bake and send you a fresh, delicious sweet treat each and every month.  It might be our fabulous XXXXX or a tasty batch of XXX, but it will be sent to you with our sincere gratitude for your compassion. Every month, tucked inside your goodie box, you’ll find a note from someone struggling to overcome their brain injury. That member will tell you how your donation is making a difference in their life. You will know you are doing something special.

All baked goods are made in our licensed, on-site bakery in Elmhurst, Illinois by trained and supervised people who are using the baking program to build their confidence after their injury.

(If you’re nearby, you can come by to pick up your thank you gift and purchase that day’s treats right from our counter. Or just stop in to say Hi!)

Here’s what your $38 per month does at our “clubhouse”:

Provides self-esteem building activities to help members regain speech and social skills

Gives each member the chance to participate in their choice of “real life” activities, from simple data entry to photography to baking and more

Encourages members to aspire to the well-being and recovery levels attained by other members

Enables the members to get out of the house for a change of scenery, social interaction with people who “get it”, and experience a change of pace – most members tell us being at the club house is the highlight of their week!

Your kind donation of just $38 a month makes a real difference in their lives – and the lives of their families and care takers.  Real progress is possible, and our unique, award-winning program helps members grow to their fullest capability.

Thank you for joining our “Sweet Success” Donation Program.